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Aside from providing you with luxurious and spacious residences, 205 Santolan also has a couple of high-end amenities that can rival, and maybe even surpass, those provided by many condominium complexes.

First of all, residents are provided with top-notch security services, the likes of which only Rockwell Land can provide. First, the only way in and out of the community is through the main gate, which is always manned by at least one security personnel. Second, the entire perimeter of the community is enclosed by a high concrete fence, which the security team also monitors round the clock. The main gate and the main streets of the compound are also closely watched by security cameras. In case someone manages to slip by the guards, they will not escape the gaze of the cameras. When you live in 205 Santolan, you can put your mind at ease, because you know that your family is in good hands.

At the farthest end of the 205 Santolan compound is the community recreational center. Here, you will find a huge swimming pool where you and your family can lounge around to escape the heat of the Philippine sun. There is also a smaller and shallower kiddie wading pool for the little kids. This is a great way to teach your kids to swim while they are still young. Since the swimming pool is so wide, you can also use it to swim laps to train your cardio and build up your muscles.

Speaking of working out, inside the community clubhouse is a completely equipped and staffed fitness center. Here, you will find a complete set of weights, so you can work on building muscle mass. There is also a separate room for various fitness equipment. You can also find dance and yoga studios where you can attend classes. Who needs an expensive gym membership when a completely good fitness center is readily available near your home?

The clubhouse also has a wide open function room that you can rent whenever you need a large space for parties and other functions that are too big for your own home. Another great thing about the function room is that it is beside the community pool, so you can also arrange for your party to have exclusive access to the swimming pool for a limited time, of course.

As with the other development projects of Rockwell Land, the 205 Santolan will be managed by the company as well. This means you can be assured that all of the amenities and services provided by the community will stay relatively the same even after many years have passed. The company will be the one who will be managing the maintenance of the entire 205 Santolan community, which is definitely much better when you compare it to other gated communities where the residents have to fend for themselves.

The amenities, the beautifully designed houses, and the landscaped streets give 205 Santolan the kind of atmosphere that you used to only find in recreational resorts. However, unlike when you go to a resort hotel for a vacation, your holiday experience does not necessarily have to end when you live in 205 Santolan.

  • Gym
  • 24-hour Security
  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Rooms
  • Kiddie Pool
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Cleverly designed houses, landscaped streets, and resort-quality recreational amenities are only some of the benefits that you stand to get when you choose to make 205 Santolan your new home. Although the lot sizes are not that big, the designers and builders of the houses in 205 Santolan still provide more than enough room even for big families. Do not let their facades fool you. Many of these narrow yet tall houses actually have three to four bedrooms with a total floor area of more than 300 square meters. Such area is more than enough for even a family of six. Although you do not have the option to design your own house, it is highly unlikely that you can come up with a design concept that can rival the house models already available in 205 Santolan.

Another selling point of this gated community is its accessibility to many public and commercial facilities. If you need to get around Metro Manila, you can leave the car at home because there are plenty of trains (the MRT and LRT), buses, taxi cabs, jeepneys, and tricycles that ply their routes nearby. In fact, you can just walk from the main gate of 205 Santolan to the Santolan Station of the MRT in just minutes.

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose 205 Santolan as your new home and very few minor issues that speak of the contrary. There are only a couple of choice units available in 205 Santolan, so I suggest that you act now before they are all gone.

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